Time management for all

Time management for all| Managing time / space-information

Taim-Menedzhment for vsezTime management for all"is training not so much "time management"how much "self-management"— manage yourself in time, information and space.

The purpose of the training: to make human life full and harmonious. Under stress, crisis and other problems to help people save “the taste of life” !

Working on the theme "Time management"I wondered: "Is it possible time to manage?” It turned out that it is impossible! Time – deep river, and we – oarsman in a frail boat. So who controls whom? We are over the river or the river us and the ship? The answer is obvious – time controls us! And what to do? To understand how it affects us and how does! To avoid the adverse impact and maximize positive impact!

the human biorhythmsIn training there is an important knowledge, what is not in any training on time management – the human biorhythms. The human biorhythms – the laws of the functioning of our body, consciousness and the nervous system. Knowing about biorhythms and acting in accordance with them, you will effective during the day, get inspiration for creativity, save vigor, easily remember information…

From the first partition training participants will receive answers to the following questions:

  • What time?
  • As time effect on a person?
  • What are the laws time?
  • When to Wake up?
  • What to do in the morning to keep performance during the day?
  • What exercises it is better to use as morning exercises, to be cheerful and spend at least time they?
  • When to eat, and what food is useful in every moment time?
  • When is the best time to hold a meeting?
  • When is the best time to meet clients?
  • When is the best time to create and to do creative activities?
  • etc

time-management-1In the second part of the training, participants will receive the classical tools of time management and to practice these tools. The second part of the training answers the question: How to properly dispose of the time at our disposal? In this part also the mechanisms space management and information

What space management? This knowledge about how to position themselves around the furniture, tools and resources so, below 100% to operate effectively! This knowledge about how to act so that these elements of matter were not a hindrance, and support!

tsunami information 1What information management? Every day in the world published thousands of books, magazines and Newspapers… Every day there are thousands of articles and thousands of blogs… Every day we e-mail comes in dozens of letters… This is “Tsunami information”! What information to view, and what immediately send to the trash bin? The correct answer to this question changes a lot – is lost or time saved, lost or obtained the necessary information. Who controls the information, that rules the world!

Training takes 2 day,по 5 hours.

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