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CYCLE|SV-cycle|Cycle of supervisor

Тренинг «SuperСупервайзерский циклvaizing cycle"Created for training of supervisors (Sv.) in Ukraine. Тренер gathered in the course materials a huge amount practical experience. Namely:

  1. Features of entry to position of SV
  2. What to do from the moment you announced that you "Supervisor»?
  3. The difference in behavior sales Manager and supervisor.
  4. Peculiarities of communication supervisor grown from the team sales managers. How to communicate with former colleagues, to establish subordination and keep the team at the same time?


Planning in the supervisor's work

  1. All versions staging plans.
  2. The best option the setting plan.
  3. Errors the formulation of the plan.
  4. As supervisor must set the plan sales Manager and how to justify it?
  5. Mechanisms help to implement the plan.


  1. Selection criteria sales managers. How to check the quality of each, present in the criteria.
  2. What phone interview? How to correctly carry out its?
  3. Actually interview - Collection. How to identify whether there is a quality required to work sales Manager? Tools interview: poll, tests and case interview.
  4. Questionnaires. Тренер gives himself the form of questionnaire, as well as options for its completion candidates. Here also coach gives all the information, you can take from that as a candidate fills profile and that he says and asks. The relation questionnaires and behavior when filling it so as the candidate will work.
  5. Testing. There are 2 basic test "Conflict"and"Motivational». Also participants will discuss with the coach how to fill out tests and as interpret test results.
  6. Technology entered a new agent. Here coach tells in detail how to introduce the work new sales Manager, what mistakes are possible when entering a new Manager.

Education sales agents.

  1. Board games with the team. Тренер gives participants all options role-playing games. And also talks about how to develop навыки у sales managers in the process role-playing games.
  2. Vvodnый training, Field Training, coaching. Here coach talks about the conduct of these learning activities.

Problem Statement supervisor agents

  1. Тренер gives a clear the algorithm formulation of the problem subordinate.

Control of work of sales managers

  1. Audit. Here coach tells how to control his subordinates, control of tasks set before.
  2. Control of debit. As to control receivables? Working with current and past due debit. How to control debit to avoid theft agents?
  3. Storecheck. Features and principles of the lines. «Quality parameters of distribution» – information extracted from storchekov. Тренер gives the versatile option of working storchaka.

Motivation in the activities of the supervisor

  1. Here coach examines the basic option of motivation type "Carrot and stick».
  2. Тренер parses motivational theory Herzbergа. Also it gives the concept motivational and hygiene factors.
  3. The TRENR examines in detail each the motivational factor and a translation of them.
  4. Тренер telling the participants features of motivation of sales managers and combinations of motivational factors.

Analysis of agent activity

  1. How to perform the activity sales Manager по the basic parameters of distribution.
  2. How to perform the effectiveness of training, performance of tasks, motivation. Features Analysis the reasons for the success or failure of a sales Manager.
  3. Features management decision: What to do next, below sales Manager worked better?
  4. In which case, you need to make a decision on the replacement of the sales Manager? What to do supervisor below efficiently replace a sales Manager? How to replace Manager so that the organization is not lost?

Тренер gives participants the secret as One supervisor substitute 5 sales managers and thus have time to look for candidates.

Separately coach gives principles of daily work supervisor agent, to help implement the plan team.

Training takes time 8 hours – it can be 1 or 2 the day of training, at the request of participants.

Conducted trainings in small groups (no more 7 people).

price: 6000 USD.

P.s. At the end of the training, participants receive certificates attesting to participation in the training and the knowledge obtained it.

Heads of sales Department and the owners, think how you will manage the work of the untrained, making mistakes supervisor? Errors in the selection of personnel you can't fix! Incompetent-supervisor to pick you thieves, but who will pay for it? It usually costs significantly more than the cost of my training!

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Video training. This is a fragment of the master class, in which I talk in detail about your trainingSV-cycle

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