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Sales training "Mastery of Sales"this is a unique a training for sales representatives and each, who works in direct sales. Feature training is its detail. Thanks to this it makes the pros from full amateurs and beginners. In training have all the necessary knowledge to success in direct sales. It discussed in detail all the intricacies and mechanics of sales.

After this a training the agent will know in detail "10 steps the effectiveness of the visit of the sales agent». Тренинг consists of 10 modules, 1 module- 1 step. For optimal learning participants, each module is divided into several parts:

  1. Problematizing exercise. Enables participants to understand their level of competence in the knowledge of the subject.
  2. Algorithm of step. Here in the form of the algorithm are the steps required to perform. Even without knowing the mechanism of action, but running this algorithm, the agent will have success.

3. Theory. The theoretical part is given for, Agent compared his knowledge with etalon. Here are given the secrets and mechanisms of direct sales. The theory explains the agent all,, that given without explanation in "step" Algorithm. Knowledge that is enough agent to become "Expert" in direct sales.

4. strengthening exercise. This is practicing knowledge given in theory and algorithm. In fact,, It is here the skill solidifies in the minds of the participant. Practicing the skill gives the participant a new behavioural pattern-he will continue to do so, How consolidated during working off.

5. Annex. All applications moved to the second day training. Here are given secret knowledge, that puts the agent from'Specialist"on the level "Professional».

Training on sales Skills salesIn training a large number of games in the style of "Fun", which make a training more interesting, and the perception of information easier.

Тренинг takes about 12 hours. This is 2 the day of training. On the first day of the agents learn the steps. Second day-application. At the request of the customer, can be reduced to one day – 8 hours.

I guarantee increase in sales beginners on 100%, у experienced agents from 10 to 50 %. Calculate how much it will be in your money, in earned or lost profits…


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