A successful entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur|A successful leader|A successful businessman

ManagerTraining "Successful entrepreneur" was created for training beginners businessmen, entrepreneurs, store owners. In the course materials enormous amount of practical management. It also explains in detail: “Recruitment”, “Enter new employee”, “Statement of the problem”, “Employee motivation”, “Control the task”,”Management decisions”. The theoretical basis of the training is section management called "Manager Operation». Practical content of the training is the personal experience of the trainer as Manager of chain stores. Thus, this training is a model of unity of theory and practice! It is absolutely unique training – nothing of the kind in Ukraine! It provides a set of tools for all occasions entrepreneur. And makes them not "bulk" and built-in 2 logical, intuitive schemes: «Stages of employee in the organization"and"Stages of task execution». If you are a beginner entrepreneur is this a training, it is safe to say that its success and future, you can not worry.

The contents of the training


  1. Parsing all schema types "Function Manager"

  2. Parsing of schema elements "Function Manager" – "Stages of employee's in your organization":

1) Planning

2) Interview

3) Training

4) Work

5) Analysis (career development or dismissal)

  1. Parsing of schema elements "Function Manager" – "Stages of task execution:

1) Planning

2) Statement of the problem

3) Motivation

4) Control

5) Analysis (management decision-making)

6) Coordination

  1. The completion of the training

After mastering each stage of the theoretical part participants perform strengthening exercise, allowing for skill. The training has a large number of games and workouts, allows members to keep fit and active during the whole training.

The training lasts about 6 hours.

ManagerRecommended to conduct in small groups.

Wishing to make an order for the holding of this training can do it here
For questions about the prices and the organization of training, please call the number specified here http://www.treningsart.com.ua/kontakt
P.s. Upon completion of training, participants receive a certificate attesting to participation in the training and the knowledge obtained it.


Participants ' feedback about training you can look here

Video training:

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Фото с тренинга:

I draw a diagram “complete the task”
Draw the following scheme
participants listening attentively
а давайте поиграем 🙂
I explain the rules of the game
all ready?
покажите ваши ручки 🙂
I have reached my goal – participants are satisfied
the first group presented a candidate profile – seller
maybe someone that wants to add to this profile?
the group decided to add another quality seller – customer focus
the profile of the seller is willing, I thank the group for their active participation
what we see on this slide?
discussion on the content of the slide