effective return of debit

Тренинг возврат дебетаEffective collection of receivables

Тренинг по the repayment of the receivable, designed specifically for the workers distribjutorsky companies. It gives a complete set of knowledge and skills sales managers to be successful in working with debit.

Plan training

  1. Segmentation of debtors. Who are these customers who do not pay debit time? Why not give on time?
  2. 3 reasons for the delays return debit. Wrong behavioral patterns sales Manager, leading to delay.
  3. The scheme of education debt. Where are debts? Why the client suddenly becomes a debtor?
  4. To whom the customer gives the money in the first place? Here decrypted 4 the moment which allow sales Manager be the first in the fence debit.
  5. Repacking – one of the reasons for failure to return debit. Transcript of the moment "didn't peredaril". 2 the enemy of the trading agent autostock and repacking.
  6. The explanation of the mechanism Autostore.
  7. Formula building Rule inventory" and "the Principle of formation of the correction coefficient".
  8. Why not sell as much as is sold for a week? What will happen if you sell at the point in rule 1,5(half)?
  9. Why all the correction factor needs to be individualized?
  10. Summing up the first part.

The second part. Work with an expired debit.

  1. A detailed analysis of the effectiveness of the communication sales representative with the customer by far outstanding debt. View shooting "Hidden camera" and dismantling technology.
  2. The customers ' fears. What are you afraid of your customers? The impact on them through their fears.
    1. Daily work supervisor with sales representative по debit. In what directions she is?
    2. The completion of the training:
  • Participants Express their feelings and training. Answer the questions: What we liked? What's not to like? What was missing in the training?
  • Participants write a review of the trainer and the training
  • Participants write a plan for the implementation of the acquired knowledge
  • Presentation of diplomas confirming the completion of the training

The training is based on the cycle Kolba is an algorithm to effectively teach adults. After analysis of the skill should be practicing this skill. This quick plan, there is only a part of a "holding exercise".

Training takes time-more 5 hours.

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