Trainings sale. How to choose the right coach? How to make the right choice?

Now there is a huge amount of training companies. Also, a lot of "experts", who believe, they can train sales representatives to sell!

sale house trainingIt's not as easy as it might seem at first glance!

How do you know a real professional? By what criteria to select "order of the coach"? How to avoid mistakes in the choice of a "single" from the many?

Knowledge of sales techniques - is only part of the success in training sales managers. One of the important parameters of the success of training является «знание техники обучения взрослых людей». Adult, the formed person is very difficult to teach – they are a "mustache", they all know. And that's what "we do with a mustache" prevents them from effectively teach! Their arrogance and self-confidence is impregnable wall! And only a true trainer owning the skill of "learning adults" is capable of that wall to break and train these "pros".

Another important parameter is the personality! Each company has its specificity and its specific problems. It is impossible to row all under one comb. It, suitable for enterprises sells sausage, not suitable for firms selling parts! So as a tailor customize "suit" on the figure, so the coach must adjust your training in accordance with needs and requirements of the company and the client! For this, the coach should meet with the customer, to determine its training needs. Then meet with the trainees, to know the level of their knowledge. Then rebuild your training so, to the missing knowledge to the trainees to give. And after that training!

So, to summarize!

Master in sales, the coach is able to efficiently train sales managers, has the following properties:

  1. Knows the ropes, "the technology of direct sales"
  2. Owns the technique of "teaching adults"
  3. Individually makes the training, the needs of the customer

how to choose the right trainer for sales training

If you find a coach, then you can safely order it sales training! If he does not meet at least one of the above-mentioned parameters, it is better to look for more!

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