How to identify theft of sales representatives? Accounts receivable and its supervisor control

supervising control of debit, how to catch a thief?The duties of the supervisor is to monitor the timely return of debit sales representative. The main problem in dealing with a debit agent - is the theft of cash sales representative of the company. In most companies, the supervisor is responsible for their own salary debit their agents. Therefore, supervisor, the timeliness of detection of theft of funds by the agent – it is a question not only prestige but also financial security. Many supervisors ask me: "How do you know that the agent has already climbed to the cashier?"In order to understand this let's look at what it consists of sales agent and as a result we understand what is in his flow.
Sales agent consists of 2-piece:
• Selling in fact
• Delay
With the sale of "in fact" everything is simple and clear delivery brought the goods, at the point for it on delivery paid, when shipping returned to base, the money came in cash.
But with the sale of "delay" is necessary to understand. It is in this region that causes all of the stolen debit agent!
Actually stolen debit is phantoms! It is an illusion that the money needs customers. In fact, no debt. This show, which created the agent to supervisor and firm.
How to detect this illusion? How to dispel it?
In the sales process there are two: merchandise and agent. If the agent is lying, you need to ask a second side – merchandiser!
Here we come to the main way of opening the theft of a debit – calling customers and checking with them.
Customers in debitore lot. Who should the supervisor call in the first place?
The first supervisor also performing the most outstanding debit. In this area, the supervisor can detect the amount stolen, which the agent has not had time to cover more recent amounts. But not the fact! A careful thief manages to cover the amount stolen so that they don't have time to go out in late. In any case, if the supervisor also performing the overdue debit, he caught agent only at the last stage of the theft when the amount is obscenely large.
To catch the agent at the beginning of his thieving career is possible with the help of the rung customers with more fresh amounts from 1 weeks up to 2.
And the last important question: How to build a system, allows you to immediately see the theft agents? On what parameters it can recognize and track?
The answer to these and many other important questions you will receive on the trainingSupervising cycle»

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