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filled StorchakThis article is a comment to the form storchekand attached as an enclosure to this article (see below)

The main objective of storcheka - removal of the detailed information of the route agent for the following areas:

  1. Quantitative Distribution (cover)
  2. quality distribution (representation)

In terms of structure, storchek - this is matrix, wherein horizontal supervisor writes the name of the client, and are vertically SKU* (unit price).

There are 2 main types storcheka:

  1. The usual – with this kind storchaka supervisor can see representation on-site only on their product.
  2. Competitive – with this kind storchaka supervisor in addition to representation on their product also finds out the SKU number of competitors in this product group, and can figure out if we dominate in this group product or not.

For example: The supervisor found out, our packaged cookies at this point there is 3 SKU for 1 facing*. A competitor in the TRT 5 UCC по 1 facing. Therefore, in this TRT* our domination no (3:5). But if our products supply to 2 facing or add more 3 SKU packaged cookies, we will visually dominate in this TRT (6:5). Based on this SV* aims THIS*.

An important step of the analysis is storchaka calculation of results. In the column "total"the supervisor just sums up the SKU numbers in columns. In order to calculate "the average representation of the form" it is necessary to divide the amount of this SKU (total) the number of points in which the given SKU is present. In order to calculate the average representation in the areas you need to divide the amount of this SKU (total) the total number of points in storchaka.

In the header storchaka should be:

  1. Date of completion
  2. Territory agent
  3. Filmed TRT
  4. The presence of weight – the number of TRT in which there is at least one SKU weight product company
  5. The presence of FAS – the number of TRT in which there is at least one SKU of packaged products of the firm
  6. Coating weight presence weight" divided by total number of points taken in storchaka multiplied by 100 (in %)
  7. Coating FAS – "the presence of FAS" divided by total number of points taken in storchaka multiplied by 100 (in %)
  8. The total coverage – the number of points which have at least 1 SKU our products (either the weight or the FAS) divided by the total number of points in storchaka
  9. The overall representation – the sum of all SKU weight + FAS (of the total) divided by the number of points in which there is at least one SKU of our products
  10. The average representation in the territory – the sum of all SKU weight + FAS (of the total) divided by the number of points taken in storchaka

Separate explanations deserve some columns storchaka:

  1. TOP – the number of top-positions present in this TRT
  2. Merchandising* – the presence of merchendayzinga in this TRT
  3. POS-materials – availability of POS materials in this TRT (under the matrix storchaka)
  4. Category TRT – set category: And,In or (listed under the matrix storchaka)
  5. Type TRT – put type TRT (listed under the matrix storchaka)

It is also necessary to consider separately the columns under column "total":

  1. Of facings competitors – note how many facings are rivals
  2. We of facings – note how many facings are SKU of our company
  3. All confectionaries – summarize fishingi our competitors
  4. Our share – computed the proportion which is our products: "of facings, we" divide by "all the confectionaries" and multiply by 100 (in %)
  5. Price – placing the price of the product that our company monitors on this day
  6. Goal – look for empty cells in the matrix storchaka praises in this column the name and SKU number, which must be set in the TRT to the next test.

In the lower part, there are some elements, which allow with the help of this storchaka to do without formа setting goals «Protocol negotiation». These elements:

  1. The agent is aware of – then put the date of introduction of the agent results storchaka and goal setting
  2. Date goals – then put the date on which all goals are set in storchaka should already be done
  3. Date of audit – is there to put the date when SV has planned next Storchak, that would confirm that goals are accomplished
  4. Signature THIS signature indicates that the agent have read and agree with the objectives
  5. Signature TMand* then regional Manager puts the date of reviewing the results and goals storchaka, and then put his signature


The list of terms requiring decryption:

SKU – supplykeepunit – inventory item

TRT – retail point of sale, shop

Dominance visual predominance of the number of our over the goods of a competitor (depends on the number of SKUs and facings)

Facing – usually referred to as "The number of Fesenkov» – how many units of a given SKU is present on the shelf of the store

TOP – literally means "top" – those goods that bring her maximum profit, or those goods of the company which it plans to develop to the TOP level and therefore concentrates on them.

POS-materialsPointOfSales–materials – materials promoting the sale of goods, and usually installed in the district offices. These are different types of promotional products, which promote the sale of goods in TRT. These include: shelftoker, Wobbler, brand tape, poster, flag. The task of POS materials is to inform the buyer, standing at the cash register about the fact that in this land there is a product of this brand. POS-materials are an important element of the process merchandisingа.

Merchandising – a complex of measures aimed at the promotion of the brand at this point.

SV the abbreviation for supervisor

THIS – exclusive sales agent

TM – area Manager, head supervisor


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