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Staff motivation by F.Herzberg

motivationI use in my work motivational theory of Herzberg. It still is one of the leading theories of motivation. Herzberg together with his assistants spent do more than 4000 interview with office workers, accountants, engineers and managers. Herzberg and his assistants asked to respondents two questions: "What most encourages you to the qualitative performance of your work?"And" What discourages any desire to work qualitatively?"On the basis of the data obtained Herzberg managed to highlight the main motivational factors.

Motivational factors by F. Herzberg:


Development of communications|business communications|retail

contactThere are statistics: 60% transactions are made only 5 Only visit 4% done with the first visit.

The reason for this situation is the lack of “communications” between the agent and the contact persons.

Knowing this, Experienced supurvayzery, first month, not waiting for the results from the agent rookie.

Someone asks: “And why do we need these communications? Who are they


Coaching|Coaching download|the form of coaching

Let's start with a definition. Coaching - Is one of the teaching methods, which supervisor(Sv.) It is used to correct errors in the working pattern of the sales representative (m). The main working pattern sales agent are "10 steps of a commercial agent», another name - "Steps effective visit». What is the difference coaching from other types of education, used by a supervisor? (discussed in detail in the training "SV-cycle»).


Storecheck|Form of storecheck|Storecheck is

filled StorchakThis article is a comment to the form storchekand attached as an enclosure to this article (see below)

The main objective of storcheka - removal of the detailed information of the route agent for the following areas:

  1. Quantitative Distribution (cover)
  2. quality distribution (representation)

In terms of structure, storchek - this is matrix, wherein horizontal supervisor writes the name of the client, and are vertically SKU* (unit price).

There are 2 main types storcheka:


Trainings sale. How to choose the right coach? How to make the right choice?

Now there is a huge amount of training companies. Also, a lot of "experts", who believe, they can train sales representatives to sell!

sale house trainingIt's not as easy as it might seem at first glance!

How do you know a real professional? By what criteria to select "order of the coach"? How to avoid mistakes in the choice of a "single" from the many?

Knowledge of sales techniques - is only part of the success in training sales managers. One of the important parameters of the success of training


Duties of supervisor

supervisor of agentsHow do you think what is the goal of the supervisor? What this man hires a company?

The purpose of the supervisor №1 - Implementation of sales plans by increasing the quantity and quality of distribution in all channels of distribution (vip, Wholesale, retail), as well as by holding shares.

The purpose of the supervisor №2 - Implementation of the plan of entering the debit. Ie


“Identification of needs” – secret weapon sales agent

produc Kond Department Among all stages "Steps Sales Representative"The most mysterious -"Identification of needs»! Not only agents, but many supervisors the rest of his career does not know what it is. It seems understandable, that step right, but he made no one knows.

Often the "The identification of needs"you know: "Sell the, which was sold last visit ". And because it is the main task of the agent is "Save and increase range of companies each