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contactThere are statistics: 60% transactions are made only 5 Only visit 4% done with the first visit.

The reason for this situation is the lack of “communications” between the agent and the contact persons.

Knowing this, Experienced supurvayzery, first month, not waiting for the results from the agent rookie.

Someone asks: “And why do we need these communications? Who are they need?” The answer is simple: they need both agent and company.

To one person buying the goods of another, and did it from time to time, you need trust.

Trust is the result of friendly relations. It there essence communications. In other words, the goal of the agent – become a friend to everyone Lpro in each outlet. How to do it?

There are several ways:

1) To know the name of Lpra and as often as you can his name be called. What gives? Name – this is the most expensive word in the life of every person. Man it's nice when you know his name and call him by name. This acts as “psychological stroking“. And the more you stroke client name, the more he wants to do the same in response. And if he doesn't know your name, he can't do it, and I want, and it is necessary. The result, believe me, he will ask your name, and with an effort of will to remember. People don't like to be in debt. Knowing a name each other and appeal on behalf – this is the basis of communication.

2) Know important dates in a client's life and not to forget to congratulate him.

3) Giving gifts to customer. On the occasion of and without. Clients are like children – they love the attention.

There are still methods, greatly accelerating the process of establishing communications to the level of trust.

These methods are discussed in detail in the training “Mastery of Sales

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