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Let's start with a definition. Coaching - Is one of the teaching methods, which supervisor(Sv.) It is used to correct errors in the working pattern of the sales representative (m). The main working pattern sales agent are "10 steps of a commercial agent», another name - "Steps effective visit». What is the difference coaching from other types of education, used by a supervisor? (discussed in detail in the training "SV-cycle»). Coaching is a method of learning, which the supervisor uses only experienced sales agents (from six months). And now you will understand why. This salesman already has a certain level of communication in retail. The decision-maker (DM) in each outlet (TT) already knows this agent, as the face of the company, already appreciates him as a specialist. Here, suddenly, the supervisor appears and begins unceremoniously scalici. Straight to the point. Right in the presence of Lpra. Where it leads? Undermining the reputation of the agent as a consequence of his demotivation. At this point, agent understands, all his efforts, to create a professional image of, in this TT, destroyed. At this point, the agent believes your idiot supervisor, yourself, working under the guidance of this idiot, and Directors of the firm hired this supervisor. Coming from such a joint visit, the agent may resign. And to ensure that such situation did not occur is coaching.

The purpose of coaching – to help the agent to come to the correct behavior pattern at the point of sale.
Principles of coaching:

  1. Non-interference
  2. Asking open and probing questions

Let's analyze in detail each of the principles.

  1. A positive attitude. SV achieves a positive attitude 2 methods:

а) The conversation before the coaching – clarification of supervisor, he's here to help

b) Analysis of the visit, the supervisor always starts with the fact that was able (positive)

  1. Non-interference. This means that the supervisor, since, how the agent presented it, молчит, observes and fills out coaching(swing the bottom of the article).
  2. Asking open and probing questions (the types of questions parsed here). These 2 types of questions allow the supervisor to push the agent to the correct template for each step. Please note: the supervisor does not give the agent ready template! No! It helps with issues to make a template and encourages the agent to implement it.

Let's look at the algorithm of coaching by a supervisor in the outlet:

  1. Supervisor, before entering the store, asked the agent the question: "What do you want from this trading point?"Holding a card of the client, the supervisor listened to the goals of the agent at the TT and asked clarifying questions.
  2. The entrance to the point. My supervisor is in the hands of the tablet form of coaching , in which he assesses every step of a sales agent on a 3-point scale.
  3. The agent and the supervisor come to the point. An agent is a supervisor.
  4. Work. The agent moves sequentially through the steps of an effective visit" and the supervisor closely monitors and evaluates the form of coaching.
  5. The analysis of the visit. Agent and supervisor, coming out of the point, analyze each step. The supervisor first said, the fact that the agent did the right thing and praise him for it. Further, by means of questions, leads the agent to understanding, what did he do wrong.
  6. The supervisor asks the agent: "as you go through this step in the next point?»
  7. 6.After correct answer of the agent, the agent and the supervisor moved to the next trading point.

Thus, in standard 20 visits, the supervisor may correct all errors in the work of the sales agent.

The download is only available to registered users on the site. Registration is 2 minutes and available here. In the file there is 4 tabs. First 2 – instructions, second 2 – he Storchak and form reviews.

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