About The Coach

Vladislav Teplitsky

My name is Vladislav Teplitsky. I'm an independent business coach.

My specialization:

Supervising cycle

Direct sales

Return debit

Time management


a certificate of the trainer
certificate “Technology training” from the Kiev Institute of Training

I coach practitioner. I can only teach that way, which took place and was converted by the!

Your main experience I got in distribution. Here are the main stages of my professional path:

  • 2001 year – sales representative
  • 2005 year – supervisor
  • 2010 year – territorial Manager
  • 2013 year – head of sales Department
  • 2016 year – left distribution and are engaged exclusively in training

Ever since I became supervisor, in 2005 year, I am continuously involved in the selection and training of sales representatives. In the end I got bored and I decided to do a brochure so that every time a new agent not to tell the same. This booklet and became a prototype of my first training “Mastery of Sales

The following training was “Supervising cycle” . As it happens, that “SV-cycle” there is no material either on the Internet or in books. In General terms he described in “The General theory of management”, but this is only a theory… I was in this respect lucky – me “SV-Cycle” taught my leaders – TM-s and RM-s. So I was one of the few who teaches св-циклу novice supervisors or former agents.

In Distributie there's a huge problem – timely and effective return of debit. I know firsthand about this. So my third training was”effective return of debit” .

A successful entrepreneur” – this is my fourth training. Advising entrepreneurs, I discovered that my experience in recruitment, teaching, control and motivation is universal and is applicable in a business environment. So I decided to implement my experience and to help those who don't.

The fifth of my training was “Time management” . Many managers, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens is a huge problem – time management. Deeply studied this subject, after reading dozens of books, after reviewing all the material available on the Internet, after listening to the audio lectures, I realized, what time it is – it is possible to manage yourself in time!

Тренинг “Leadership” be in the process of developing. However, I will say, looking ahead, nothing equal to this training, and there is unlikely to appear. The basis of training taken, the codes of conduct of the Indian warriors Kshatriyas or the Japanese samurai…

Бизнес тренинги по продажам, дистрибьюции и эффективности в ДонецкеTraining adults – this is a very difficult craft. 30-year or 40-year-old man(woman) believes that he(а) already knows everything and with this view he(а) comes to training. As it is(it) to learn? There is a solution – this cycle Kolba. Цикл Коулба – this is a special algorithm, provides students with adults. All my
the training is built upon this algorithm.

I have also developed several master classes “Overcoming objections” , “Planning” , “Behaviour in conflict situations” .

In developing trainings “The Anatomy Of Leadership” , “Negotiating” and “Teambuilding” and “Standard of the seller retail store“.

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